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How to Easily Create WhatsApp Group

A group plays a major role in our life, doesn’t matter either it is a physical or virtual group of some people. There so many benefits of having a group. Where one of my personal favorites is, we convey a message to so many people at once. All we have to send the message to the group and everyone who is a member of the group can see that, can rely on that. Also, a member of the group can have a conversation about any topic.

That is why here in this post I am gonna talk about the Whatsapp Group because Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers nowadays. Our friends, family members, and relatives all are active on Whatsapp, and they continuously talk on that. So, here in this article, I will be talking about how to create a WhatsApp group.

If you don’t know how to create a whatsapp group links, then you landed the best spot, here we are going to talk about the complete process to create a WhatsApp group. Without wasting time, let’s check out what you should do to make a Whatsapp group and why you need to make a Whatsapp group.

How To Create Whatsapp Group

Creating a Whatsapp Group is not rocket science even anyone can make a WhatsApp group with his/her friends very easily. Just you have to follow some easy steps that I am going to share below. Let’s have a look.

  • First of all, locate the WhatsApp Messenger in your smartphone
  • Tap on it to open the app.
  • Now you have to tap on the 3 dot menu icon.
  • It will show you some options, where you will see New Group at the top.
  • Simply click on this option.
  • Now you will see your contact list.
  • Choose the contact which you want to add in a particular Whatsapp Group.
  • Then, WhatsApp will ask you to set a name to your group.
  • Also, you will have the option to set a profile picture.
  • Now, all set, you just have to click on the green color check icon.
  • Your Whatsapp group is created, now you can chat with your group members, you can share media files and anything that you want to share in your group.

If you also to do lots of conversation with your friends and family members and don’t want to send a single message to everyone individually. Then, you are in the dire need of a Whatsapp Group. Because by creating a Whatsapp Group you can add up to 100 people in that at once. So, any message you sent there will be seen by those all 100 people.

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Well, I don’t think you need to search anymore about this term how to create a whatsapp group. Because I have shared everything which should be needed to create a WhatsApp group. So, why are you waiting for? This is your turn to make one and share some interesting messages and media files with everyone at a time. Just simply open up your WhatsApp messenger and make a different group with family members and with your friends as well.


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