3 Working Methods: Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak [Updated]

Various guides and tweaks are shared over the internet. But maybe you got something which is not working or working but you have to jailbreak your iOS. Today we are going to share 3 guides with you on mini militia hack for iPhone. In this 3 guides, we will explain Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak method.

2 ways are there to download and play mini militia pro mod without jailbreak. And 1 another method is there in which you don’t have to install any other app to play mini militia pro pack for iOS version.

As you know mini militia is the free game to play on iPhone and on research we got to know it has crossed around 1M+ downloads in iPhone and still continuing.

Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak

But if the iOS user plays the game with android users they might loose the game. Because android has several mini militia mods to play with. If you won’t combat then you loose, the option is either you buy pro pack and help developers appsomniacs and encouraging them or download hack or pro mod in iOS.

Also on research, I have found that several iPhone users are searching for mini militia hack and they got failed to get a correct result or they have been ditched by several sites.

After these, I am very eager to share you all the possibilities to download and play mini militia pro mod in iOS without jailbreak. I am sharing you the best 3 guides to crack mini-militia.

Mini militia Tweaks and Hack List for iOS

There are several tweaks for iPhones which are now available to play with. These below are some of the tweaks and there are lot more. Just play and play and play. You will come to know more features soon while playing. It’s a surprise gift for iOS users.

  • Unlimited health
  • No, reload for iPhone users
  • Invisible mod pack
  • Unlimited jetpack
  • Store item purchased
  • GOD mod activated
  • Infinite grenades

These are some features of mini militia pro version. These all you get in our pro mod file and along with you will get more surprises to play with in mini-militia.

Several different features you must know about Mini Militia Hack iOS without Jailbreak

  • Using this mod you will never get banned.
  • The phone will not lag while playing the game.
  • Mod is very easy to install and use.
  • You don’t need much space to install this mod.
  • Very few Cydia mod work and this is the one which we are sharing with you.

But to use these features you must have Cydia installed on your iPhone. You are requested to follow the full guide of Mini Militia Hack iOS without Jailbreak to install it correctly.

#Method 1: How to Install Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak

This is the first method which can be used to install the game without jailbreaking the phone. This will work in almost all iPhones versions. Follow the procedure and enjoy playing.

  1. In the very first you have to download iBackupBot for MAC.
  2. Find the License key.
  3. Now start backing up your device on your PC, this may take few minutes or maybe an hour. According to your device space.
  4. After the backup process completed navigate over to USER APP FILES.
  5. There you will see mini militia on the right side panel or if you won’t see, then search for it.
  6. Now go to Library Directory and select preferences.
  7. Now open the XML file you will see there.
  8. Under Best shows,  values select the best score in survival mode
  9. Search the term LBKey.experience.earned and you have to change the values under it.
  10. Select save button and then wait for the file to be saved.
  11. Now reboot the phone.

This is the first method which is used to hack mini militia. We have another method too. If this method won’t work for you, then try another method.

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For every impossibility, there is one alternative solution so we are dependent on an alternative. Every method works for a different version. And of the methods works for all versions.

#Method 2: Installing the Hacks through Cydia

Another method of installing mini militia in your iOS is using Cydia. But before you use it you have to install Cydia on your phone.

Some of have the Cydia in their phone but some not have. We will go step-by-step for the comfort of all user.

If you don’t have Cydia in you iPhone and want to install it. Then I will tell you it’s not a jailbreaking process. It’s just installing the app. There are several processes which use a jailbreaking technique to install Cydia.

I will be going to share without using jailbreak. Follow the procedure.

How to Install Cydia on iOS?

I am going to present you one video guide on the basis of that you can install Cydia on iPhone without jailbreak and without a computer.

Watch this video guide, this video will guide you to install Cydia. Follow this guide and then we proceed to next step of Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak.

  • After installing Cydia, open safari browser.
  • Download the file “https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_xdFcv_v4Vod21sTEVEQjhmU3c/view?pref=2&pli=1/”
  • At the time of downloading you must keep it safe.
  • DA2 Hack 2.deb” this is the file name you are going to download to hack mini militia.
  • Now open the downloaded file using iFILE. (If you don’t have iFile installed on your device, then watch below guide to install it).

  • Then click on the installer button to install a mod of mini militia on your device.
  • Select trust the application.
  • Start playing from the home screen.
  • Enjoy Playing.

Yo! You are a hacker man, you cracked the game successfully. Now enjoy sharing this guide to crack and tell them it’s your guide ;-). Happy playing.

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Now I am going to share method 3,  in which you won’t need any app to download or install any external app. Only you need is mini militia original game app.

#Method 3: Mini Militia Pro Pack for Free Without any App.

This is another working method. You don’t need to go here and there just you need is the original app of the game. If you don’t have the app you can download it from the below button.

Download Mini Militia

This is an iOS app developed by Chad Towns and it is the original apple store app link. And the most amaze thing is that you don’t even need Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak guides to use this.

mini militia ios hack

Ok! Now I will show you how you can get mini militia pro pack for free without any long process. All you need to do is follow the steps below, that’s it.

[sociallocker]Note: This mode needs RAM clearing to reset the time.

  1. Open the Mini Militia iFile.
  2. Now navigate to Quick Play and then select it.
  3. There you will see button saying “Add time Free Pro Pack
  4. Then watch the ad. (Wait, don’t think too much, you just have to watch ad one time only, it is not the normal trick, go over it’s different).
  5. Now play the game.
  6. After playing the game, now Hold the power button and Home button together.
  7. Wait for the ram to be cleared and junk file to be cleared. And also it will clear timing variable.
  8. Now end the app. And open then mini militia game.
  9. Ta! Tada! You will see the pro pack time is not reduced and still continuing.
[/sociallocker] Apply the same thing when you have to play online to keep pro pack features. The only advantage of Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak version of that, you don’t have to repeat the process again and again.Do settings one time and enjoy a lifetime.

Update: Guys we are now working on more tweaks related to Mini Militia for iOS. And this iOS trick we will be posting soon will also include hack without jailbreak. So for that, you have to stick with us and then we will give you the power of mini militia. And the new Doodle Army 2 iPhone iOS Mod Download will be shortly available to you.

Mini Militia Hack iOS Cydia Without Jailbreak Video Tutorial

In this video will show you how you can self-crack your mini militia iOS version and compete against Android users. This trick is tested and worked for many users. But the series note is that sometimes users are able to crack the game. We will try our best to make you enjoy this mini militia hack iOS Cydia mod. Now enjoy the tutorial below.

Wrapping Up!

Hope you enjoy the guide and enjoy playing. In the very last I want to know that if you like the guide will you share it. You already know sharing is caring. So please share this guide about Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak and enjoy getting new more updates.

Disclaimer: All the mods and tricks provided here are just for trial purposes. We suggest you not to carry out hack if you don’t have the valid license of the game. Encourage Help the developers by purchasing pro pack from App store. Free iOS Doodle Army 2 Download is available on iOS store, you can grab from there and if you need mod then you will find it here.

Personal Suggestion: Friends after playing if you like the pro pack, then I would suggest you buy the pro pack and help the developer to make future changes.

If you want any new updates, then comment us below. And if we find something amazing for you will like to share here. Keep visiting for future changes. Thank You! Enjoy playing Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak.

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