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Mini Militia For Windows Lumia Series [Updated]

Earlier we already discussed mini militia and about the developers of the mini-militia. You can check are post for information about the game and also go to Wikipedia for the information. Today here I am sharing the game Mini Militia for windows phones.

mini militia for windows

Lumia users can enjoy the game and play the game on their smartphones. And if you have PC and you don’t want to play this game on your phone then you can check our guide.

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As you all know that mini militia is becoming more popular these days. Users are very much interested in playing this game. So the developers are more likely interested in launching this game for windows users also.

Similar to android and other smartphones this game provide to play multiplayer combat upto 6 players and 12 players on wifi LAN.

Gaming industry wants to scale the game to different phones also. Before it was only limited to iOS and android users only. But now those days are gone.

And due to huge request over the internet and of my users for the mini militia for windows phones, We founded the XAP version to run this game on windows phone.

Well, I am just the third person to share this game with you, I and my developer’s friends help together to create this awesome version of the game for windows.

They had given their most of the times to create this Game works for windows.

The main question arises to develop this game is. What do, you like the game? Want your friends to play this game? Shit, they have a windows phone and the game won’t work there.

All questions related to windows will get dumb after this launch.

One more thing you will enjoy the same thing which is available for Android as well as iPhone and for PC. You can play the game as similar as mini militia pro apk game on Android.

Earlier we had already released doodle army 2 hack for Android. But for the windows, it will take some time to get released. Our developer’s friends are working on it.

Before I would share the game, it must be necessary to read all the guide completely to understand it. So that it will be easy to play the game.

Note: If you want to play this game with your friends. And you are the windows user. Then you have to create your personal hotspot and ask your friends to join your hotspot. If this step is not done, then you won’t be able to detect your friend’s server of wifi.

Features of Mini Militia For Windows

Ok! We had talked about mini militia game and now talk little about its features for windows phones.

  • Multiplayer Supported
  • LAN access supported
  • 8 Types of Weapons
  • Health Pack Activated
  • Zoom supported
  • Chat box available
  • Dual weapon Acess

This is the basic features available for windows phone, I might be not aware of all there are few more which I am not including here. But it has some more options to play with.

Ok! I am not sharing this app directly to you. Before sharing it with you I and my team have worked on it to check whether it is working it or not on any windows phone. Then we gone through multiple windows phones and then we prepared mini militia for windows phone xap file.

Few are the phones on which I tested this game. These are Lumia 535, Lumia 730 and some of my friends also installed on their Lumia phone. So I can tell it will also work on your windows phone.

Now I am sharing the download links for mini militia for windows and after that, I’ll share about how to install it. Enjoy downloading.

Download Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia for Lumia Windows Phone

After downloading it, won’t install directly. There are few steps which you have to follow for installing the game. Wait and watch. Also one thing no one is sharing Mini militia mod for windows, only we are sharing it. Download from the below button.

Download Now

Sorry! Friends, we are not throwing you here and there, due to some guidelines we are doing this. But it is working method. Just follow the steps.

Click on the above download button, after that you will see there one download button now click on that and the downloading begins.

Wait for the download. And after that read all the below procedure.

Ok! before we proceed, I want to share you some important tips for your windows friends.

NOTE: To play mini militia with your windows friends. You have to switch on your hotspot of your mobile device. If you don’t enable hotspot then the app won’t detect your friends.

How to Install Mini Militia in Windows Phones

I told you above that there are few steps which you have to follow to run this game. Follow below steps and enjoy playing the game.

  1. In the very first I want you to upgrade your windows phone to Windows 10.
  2. Download Android deployment tool.
  3. Now connect your phone to PC or Laptop (Use data cable to connect it)
  4. Now navigate to the advanced mode in developer settings.
  5. Open the tool android deployment in your phone.
  6. You got one pin in your windows phone
  7. Enter the pin.
  8. Select the downloaded apk file of mini militia pro apk.
  9. Click on Deploy.
  10. Enjoy playing the game and read all instructions.

Hope, you are excited. Now it’s time to share your excitement with your friends. Share over social sites and maybe developer of mini militia will see the engagement for windows users. And might be they develop the app for windows also, after seeing the engagement.

So keep sharing until the developer sees this. And enjoy playing mini militia for windows phones.

Friends, we have updated this post with the latest trick. Also, we want to share that we are soon going to share you more mods on the mini militia for windows. Stay tuned with us. To check other mini militia pro mods then go to the site homepage and find exciting mini-militia mods.



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