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Mini Militia Double Gun – Unlimited Ammo and Dual Wield Weapons

Updated on 5th August 2017

Well, now you all know what is mini militia. And maybe you all have searched for mini militia pro apk. This is not the place where you get the promise and you won’t get the file. Here we provide you the thing which we told you. Now here we are with Mini Militia Double Gun, yes! a double gun with unlimited ammo and duminal wield weapons also.

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Have you ever wondered it before, that you can make advantage of this version and kill your friends or enemies in a quick time? A double gun means you can have the power of any two combinations of weapons in your hand. Like I give you an example, you having a gun missile launcher and in the middle, you see there is a sniper or a shotgun on the ground, then you can grab that too along with missile launcher. And enjoy the benefits of two powerful guns using this mod.

mini militia double gun mod

Now you must be thinking, that this feature is available original mini militia game also. Ok! I say no here, original mini militia app developers provide some basics default list of guns to carry double, but I am providing the mod for all guns.

Ok! Let me give you the list of the guns you can hold double by default so that you know what I mean to say.

Mini Militia Double Gun: Default and After Mod

There are only a few combinations available to carry as a double gun in the mini militia but in mods, you can carry approx 12-13 combinations as double guns. First I will list down the default guns which are available to play with and then will list down the maximum combinations which I tried.

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Default Double Guns In Mini Militia

  • Machete
  • Uzi
  • Magnum and Pistol
  • Desert Eagle

mini militia weapons

These are the few default guns which you have already tried. Maybe you haven’t tried all also. But these are in the list of few guns which are available to play. But playing with only these few combinations can make me bored and uninstalling the game. So I tried to do something cool in the game. And the result is here.


Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

  • Desert Eagle + magnum
  • Magnum + magnum
  • Desert eagle + Machete
  • Magnum + Machete
  • Uzi + uzi
  • Riot shield + Uzi
  • Uzi + magnum
  • Magnum + Riot shield
  • Uzi + Machete
  • Uzi + desert eagle
  • Desert eagle +riot shield
  • Desert eagle + desert eagle

These are the ultimate list of the combination which is available after a mod. Let me clear you one thing also, to carry heavy guns default game won’t allow. To use heavy guns you have to watch the ads which are provided in the games at the ready screen or you can apply mini militia cheats to carry heavy guns.

Another thing you can do the use heavy guns. That is you have to download mini militia mod; pro pack version or you can buy the pro pack from the play store.

This mod will allow you to take dual guns at a time. You can try other combinations also. These are the combinations which are tried by me.

Now we move to the part to install the game and other subparts to make this guide excellent and helpful to you.

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Mini Militia Double Gun Mod Features

It is important to discuss features of the mod and the game. Because it reflects the game identity and the uses. So I disclose here the features because you can know what exact the mod is for and how it works.

  • Version 3.0.27:  This is the latest MOD of the game mini militia.
  • Ads Banner Shifted to the right.
  • Two mods are there, one with unlimited ammo and another is without infinite ammo. The choice is yours.
  • Due to dual weapon shield, we haven’t added unlimited ammo. Because it reflects substantial load on the game and the game crashes. So it won’t be a good sign to play and enjoy.
  • Jetpack is in the normal mod. We haven’t added extra in it.
  • And the final and most wanted, dual gun mod. Well, to play with a dual gun will make game more in our hand. It is because it will kill the person in a short time and you will win the game. And with this dual gun mod, you can pick up any gun with any combination and kick out your enemies.

Note: Zoom work according to your primary weapon which is present in your left hand. And the main weapon gun loads faster and shot faster than a secondary weapon.

Well, maybe you must be thinking that this mod has limited features and will not go at the point. But as I say you the dual gun mod is the master of all mod. It will make your game worth playing. Must try and then if you like it then share it. Also if you want anything else along with this mod. Comment down below and will try to add such things on a voting basis.

OK! Now time to download the game and enjoy playing it.

Download Mini Militia Dual Gun Mode

Here you will find the game download link. Before you download the game, I would request you no to share the download link with anyone. If you want to share the mod, then share this post link.

You can download the game from below download button.


The file size is of approx 45.8 Mb and the developers are Appsomanics. File name is mini militia double gun part 1.

The above download links is virus checked and it is free from viruses and malicious codes. You can download it easily with one click. Before you download you must ensure that you are in a good speed WiFi zone or you have good download speed net. If not then the download will interrupted several times.

Note: After download the app, the app shows you to update it, don’t update it. If you update it once then you loose the game. Or you loose the dual gun mod of the game. If game ask to update just click on update later button. Also to experience the best of this game play in LAN WiFi mode.

Now here the point comes how you will install the mini militia double gun game. So, it might be tricky to install the game. Will show you how you can do that.

How to Install Mini Militia Dual Gun Mod?

This game is not just the default the game. Its a mod of original game which is created by editing the game library files. And after doing some tweaks the file is again compressed to make it available for you to download in apk format.

So to install it we have some steps you must follow to install it correctly. If the steps are not followed correctly then you may loose the mod game. And have to play with original. or you can try once again also if you failed to install in one time.

Now follow the below steps to make install game correctly and enjoy the game. Steps began:

  • First, you have to install the original game from playstore.
  • Play 1 game and exit the game.
  • Uninstall the original game and clean the junk files.
  • Now download the mini militia double gun mod game from the above download button.
  • After the download completes, install the game. And run it.
  • If the game asks to update the apk, then click on later.
  • That’s It! Enjoy the game.

These are the steps you have to follow to play the mod version of game. Rest you know better how to play. For those who don’t the how you can make this game best of use, then for that I am going down to add more guide below. It make you know everything about this mod.

How You Can Play With This Mod In Proper Way?

The answer for this ques is very simple. This is the guide which tells you how you can make the best use of the double gun mod. First of all the game works best if you pickup the proper combination of the weapons. I suggest you not to overload your self while choosing the gun. I mean to say pick up the right combination to make your game better and worth playing.


Let’s take an example: Picking up Missile Launcher and Sniper will able you to zoom up to 7x in this mod. And if the sniper miss the shot maybe missile cover up the area. But both are heavy gun, so be aware and fill you jetpack full.

Another example I can take, use AK-47 and Uzi or AK-47 in both hands work well. As AK-47 has 4x zoom power, so it will be the best option to use.

There are several of combinations you can try it. We also listed several combinations of list above you can try that too. These examples are just to show you, how explosive this mod will be. So it all will be based on your game play and your mind of combination.

Another important thing to note it down, the gun you hold in your right will more be aim perfect as compared to left one. So pick according to that and play the game and kill your enemies.

Issues You May Face With This Mod

While editing in game library, there are some bugs and glitches are entered. It because of to edit the library of the game. Don’t worry it won’t be a virus or any malicious. Bugs mean error in the game. So this mod may also face some issues. But will not face any serious issue. And the new version owner maybe not face any issues.

Here I mean issues like, Sometimes guns stop working, mod freezes, players may hang in the air and not move. I hope game crash will; not be there an issue. Because I already checked it and this kind of issues are not there.

Well, if you have a newer Android version upgraded then you may not face issues. I hope the next release of Doodle Army 2 will not have any issues.

There we have another mod also if you want to try. That mod has approx all extra features like mini militia pro pack activated and other things.

One more issue might present in the game which is lagging in quick play mode, but if you play the game in LAN WiFi mode then this will be resolved, and you can play the game freely and easily.

Mini Militia One Shot Kill – 2x Damage (Updated)

This is an update to our awesome community, in this update, you will get mini militia one shot kill packaged app. You just need to uninstall the old version of the game and install this version and start playing it.|

In 2x damage mod you will get extra gun power in which you only need to shoot one time and the person will get killed by you and it will also fire 2 bullets in one shot.

Will show you the main features of this mod and then will share you the download link so that just install and start playing the game.

mini militia one shot kill

Features of Mini Militia One shot kill (2x High Damage) apk

  • 2 Bullets in one shot so damage will be more and your enemy will stay for short time.
  • All features of pro pack.
  • Unlimited Nitro, so you can fly higher and longer even unlimited.

This is the basic features which are necessary to win the game. Other extra special features are not added because to look like legit and natural. Use this pro mod and bang your enemies with extra award free features.

Ok! now I am going to share you the download link below, to download the apk you just need to share or like the below and the download link will appear. This is not for sharing or making you guys scam. This is only so that you can share it and feel us more to give you new features.

Double Shot Download

Also, above I shared you mini militia doubled gun mod. If you want that then install above one. Enjoy playing it friends. If you need any other version then let us know will provide you.

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Updated: Today we have recorded mini militia dual gun and unlimited ammo with no reload mod video tutorial or may say it a trailer. After watching this video I am sure you gonna download this game and enjoy playing it. Boom! Watch the video now.


The mini militia double gun mod we will be providing you is just for you to get access to the hidden features. We at minimilitiaproapk.com are not responsible for any disruption caused to players playing the fair game. We request all players not to misuse the game property and not to play in online mode.

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FAQ On Mini Militia Dual Gun Mod

Is this game working?

Yes, this mod is still working. The developers had discontinue some MODS. But on our site all the mods are working.

Will the MOD update?

Yes, as early we get the new version, we will update and provide you mini militia dual wield any weapon apk download link.

Wrapping up!

I hope you will enjoy the game and the hack version of the game. If you want anything extra you can comment down below and for that, we will take a voting and then apply those hack. Try to share this post it on your social media sites. Enjoy playing Mini Militia Double Gun – Unlimited Ammo and Dual Wield Weapons mod.

Friends soon we soon we are adding more mods in our website to make you more awesome and also you gonna enjoy every mini militia mods.

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