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Pro Secret to Mini Militia Cheats/Tips and Tricks [Updated]

Hello, buddies welcome to mini militia pro apk blog. Hope you already enjoyed the game and had played a lot. But still, you won’t be able to beat your friend’s score. To win a game, there is always a secret behind it, and the Mini Militia Cheats are the secret. And so called pro are not ready to share it. But as we know the secret we also think not to share it.

mini militia cheats

But I think it will be more interesting to share this so that that battle will be interesting. These mini militia cheats are not only for a newbie, but these are also for all who love to play it and love to win it.

Lets’ Figure out. Ok! You are playing it since a long time and still, won’t defeat the enemy or your rival or your friends. That because while playing they too got the tricks, or maybe he/she was able to find from the internet.

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While adapting these mini militia tips and tricks, you don’t only kill your enemy. But after that, you will be able to rank higher in the game. Also, you will be able to master the game in normal; mode also, also you will become pro player.

Also, you will be able to give your game a new life. Many pro players use health hacks to freak users.

There is some pro player who called it mini militia unlimited health hack. But if I say, there is no sense of it, either you master the game.

Ok! Now move to the main part of this article and try to train you. So that you will become a master player.

Mini Militia Cheats and Tweaks to Defeat The Enemies

For the above, if you are satisfied then enjoy the below guide to crack and be the MMM (Master in Mini Militia), word driven by MBA and the MMM by us. Cool, isn’t it? Ok! Now let discuss the doodle army 2 secrets and be an MMM.

  • If you are the newbie, then try not to play with an extreme pro player in starting, because it demotivates you to play again.
  • Always try to commit suicide when you life if low, because if other kills you, then he will get the point. But if you kill yourself it won’t gives someone a point.
  • Always remember to reload your weapon at the time when you were going close to someone.

reload weapon

  • Try not to use a piston. Change to another weapon as soon as possible, because it makes no sense to play with the piston and you won’t be able to kill your enemies.
  • Use green gas bomb at the place where enemies born.
  • Whenever the opponent throw bomb to you, try to sit there so that it will impact less on your health.
  • Always try not to get in between attacks. Or we can say not to go in between where other users are attacking each other. Use bomb at this time.
  • Always try to fill jet pack air completely before attacking. It’s the secret of a pro to win mini militia cheats.

unlimited jetpack

  • Make use of zoom feature to see where is an enemy is standing. It’s on the top left corner.
  • There is always a position in any stage where you would get the health. Be nearby that place, so that it will fill your health immediately.
  • Make use of double guns to speed kill. But on the other hand, you must have a powerful gun inside your bucket.
  • If the enemy is just beside you or at you, use hands to kill them. Hands kill faster if you are near to them.
  • If you aiming is good, then use the sniper and then use zoom feature, this will be best option to kill and win. Other than this you can use a rocket launcher and then zoom; it goes up to zoom 6x. Kill in bulk or kill single.
  • Try not to play with hack mod players or hackers, and these will only make you loose the game.
  • Use shield if you are playing in fewer numbers. A shield is the best way to increase kills score.
  • Lower the shield if someone throws a bomb at you, this will make you save from being dead.
  • Use melee to increase extra boost.
  • Try to the left the low ammo gun and exchange it with a full loaded gun.
  • Play online and increase points and then invest in a jetpack and extra life in stores.
  • A good player is when if you know you nearby enemies. So try to figure out the red mark and locate the enemy.
  • Use sticky bomb and place in very thin place. So that it won’t be able to see the bomb and then died.
  • Try to kill from long distance weapons and use the zoom feature.

These are some of the secrets which used to become pro mini militia player and also it is used by masters. Besides these, there are some more funny cheats things. Not called as a cheat but it’s for fun only. This part is not included in mini militia cheats, tips, and tricks. This is different from it.

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There are few chat codes which you can use to talk to your team members and another player in short.

Mini Militia Chat Codes

These chat codes are used for communication between players and enemies. Will list down codes and their full form also. Have a look at them below.

GS – Get some
NN – No
MO – Move out
BI – Bring it
WP – You wanna piece of me!
HH – A perfect fighting machine
GG – Good Game
LG – Let’s go, yea
RU – Ready up
GM – Oh, They got me!
NS – Nice shot
CM – Cover me
CB – Come on boy

These are the few chat codes, and it’s fun to use it. Listen the sound, it’s interesting. Hope you love the article.

This is the update section, we are going to add a new update in this post.

All we are adding is Mini Militia No Name Trick, we will add in the below section, and the main section will be hidden, to open the trick you all need to do is just click on any social button and done.

This trick is all new and I am adding some bonus in it.

Mini Militia No Name/Blank Name Trick

In the earlier section, we provided you some cool cheats and other pro tricks by which you can easily win the game and kill out your enemies.

Hope you learned from it, and also you liked it.  OK! So why I am sharing this trick, there is a reason behind it. mini militia no name trick

Ok let me tell you the reason first and then I will share the trick.

Suppose you are killed by your friend or enemy, at that time he/she will get your name on screen “You Killed ‘name'”, think, if there will be the blank name or no name, and you got killed, will it affect the person.

Well, yes it will affect it because then the screen shows only “You killed” and the person thinks what is this and then it might get confused.

Well, yes it will affect it because then the screen shows only “You killed” and the person thinks what is this and then it might get confused.

By this trick, you can tweak the Doodle Army 2 hack users and the other normal users to show blank name or Mini Militia Avatar Name as blank and make then confuse.

Now if you liked the trick then you may proceed the trick to roll on your game and let’s start confusing your friends and enemies. To apply the trick there will an easy procedure as ABC.

It’s a small trick you don’t need to do anythings bigger or you don’t need to root your phone. It’s time to proceed now to the trick.

Steps to Follow:

  • I consider that you already install the game.
  • Now open the game and navigate to the Settings tab. (You will get it on the front page after you open the game).
  • Now head over to the option called Avatar.
  • Tap on the name field and remove the name you had entered there or the default name “Noobie

Mini Militia Avatar Name

  • Now press Space in the name field, yes I am talking about blank space no words nothing. (Press Space until the cursor stops, maybe it around 16 times).

No Avatar Name

  • Now save the settings or move to the home screen and click on play button to test the game.
  • Now try to get killed by someone and see the magic.
  • That’s it!

I told you, it’s a very easy process you have ever seen before.

Maybe you know that the game doesn’t show the space in the game and if we put it in the name field the trick happened.

Earlier I am just getting bored and try to find something more cool things in the game and after that, I played the game first and think why the game is not showing the space under the name.

After that I tried to make it blank, in the very first I just tried removing the name. But doesn’t work. Then I add space, it also doesn’t work. Then I tried to add spaces multiple time and the trick got exploited.

That’s it, this is the simple trick I just want to add in this ultimate mini militia cheats guide.

If also you are not getting it, feel free to comment below. And that’s it we will resolve it for you.

Wrapping Up!

These are not the last guide; we will come here with all new guides and cheats. Keep visiting the site and find interesting things about mini militia pro mods.

Also Play with Militia Ultra mod with one shot kill feature. Really the ultimate mod, I am sure you gonna love it.

Well, every time it’s not necessary to tell, but it is important for me and you both to share this cheats with your social networks friends and non-virtual friends. And increase the competition and also interest.  You can also use below sharing tool to share this post. Thank You!.


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