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Learn To Change Mini Militia Background Music

Sorry Guys for being late and not updating you with latest updates to mini militia game. I was busy in some work. So won’t be able to get you updated. OK now, this time I am with a new amazing trick “Change Mini Militia Background Music”.

Now you can download mini militia song and can use as your phone ringtone. We say it as mini militia ringtone.

Well before I was too unknown of it but later when I got to know this, I really want to share it with you guys.

Well I won’t say you that it’s a new trick, this trick is already posted on the new from past 2-3 months. But I will add some spice in this trick to make it more tricky.

…. You will get some new things in this post. Must read till end if you want something amazing.

The post have some spices of tricks related to mini militia.

Well, in this post I will also cover how to change mini militia background music or a sound.

Now the point comes which music or sound this trick will change.

OK! As I told you I will add some spices in this post to make you really amazed of all the tricks related to mini militia song.

…. It will gonna change your all sound in mini militia game like, Drop bomb sound, Shoot sound, background music.

It all depends on what sound you want to change. Well we also tried to cover mini militia song lyrics, so that we can get something unique stuff.change mini militia music

But it’s too hard to go, but we will shortly provide you mini militia game song lyrics.

For that you have to stay connected with us. Ok, bhot [email protected]@di ho gai, let’s move to the point we all want.

But that doesn’t means you won’t read the complete article.

… As before I told you about the tricks and spices. We will post in between of the article. So that you can get something cool things for your game.

Yoo! Now we start the post, Guide, Article, Trick, etc whatever you say.

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How to Change Mini Militia Background Music

Yes, the heading contains the same text, so don’t get confused, we are providing the same which you want. Ok! You can add your favourite song or tune behind and make the game more enjoyable.

…To make your game more enjoyable you need your favourite song to be downloaded on your phone. Also, you need APK editor, it is must need to make changes in the game sound.

You can download apk editor from play store. We guide you step-by-step below. This is just a basic need to have it before changing the background music of mini militia game.

Follow the procedure:

  • Head over to the google play store and search for APK File Editor.
  • Download the APK file editor and wait for it to install.apk editor
  • Open the apk editor and select the “APK from App.”
  • Select Mini Militia from the list. If you have too many apps then search for it.
  • Then you will get the option “File Replacement” or “Simple Edit” select it.
  • Move to the “assets” folder to find the mp3 file.
  • Search for the file name “presMix.mp3“, you will get it at the end.
  • After it, click on “paper pencil” icon. It’s just near to the name of the file.
  • It will ask you to replace the file, then search for the music file which you have in your local directory.
  • Select the music file, any sound file which you want to replace it with the defualt one.
  • That’s the final step! Click on save button and wait for the app to buid the edit app for you.
  • The apk editor app will create “tmp” folder inside your phone root directory. You will get it by searching “gen_signed.apk” or find with the name.
  • Enjoy!

You can replace with any sound file and create the game more funny and enjoyable.

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Closing Up for Now!

Hope you understand all the steps, hope my language would be easily readable and understandable for you. If you get any problem regarding this guide or any of our guide.

…Then please free to comment below, we will resolve your problem.

Earlier I talked about the bonus guide. So! the bonus guide will be disclosed after the next update of mini militia game. Because there gonna be something cool thing with another hack.

Updated: Guys I got many messages to produce the video guide for this trick. I really found it interesting and think I should prepare a video guide for mini militia music hack. Today, I prepared various video guides for our mini militia mods.

…You can check out all our post on our website and you will find a video guide on almost all mods. Enjoy the video guide video and if you find anything wrong please comment below so that will try to reslove your query.

Video Guide: Change Mini Militia Background Sound

Also we will add some more things in this guide (same guide). To know more stay updated with us.

One request for you guys. Please share our guide with your friends. And they also enjoy the same thing, make them know that anyone can change mini militia background music and play it.

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