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5 Features Of FMWhatsapp You Shouldn’t Know

Almost everyone loves using WhatsApp Mods due to its amazing features. It also gives us the ability to customize our WhatsApp with several themes and layout designs. Through this article, we will discuss the amazing features of FMWhatsApp Apk. 

FMWhatsapp is a MOD for the original Whatsapp that was made by the FouadMod with the help of YoWhatsApp. It has an advantage of tons of features that the normal Whatsapp doesn’t have. All the features are discussed below. 

Top Features of FMWhatsApp 

1) Personalized Privacy Settings: 

The most important reason that people download FM Whatsapp is for the Personal privacy settings that are not present in the original Whatsapp.

FMWhatsapp allows you to see others last seen even after turning off yours. You can hide blue ticks but see others when they receive and see the messages. You can freeze your last seen so it would seem like you haven’t been online from a certain point of time. You can even turn off anti delete that would save the message from the sender even after they delete the message from their side. 

It also has an extra feature, in which you can select to regulate who can call you using “WhatsApp”. You can also hide the typing notification that shows while typing. 

Overall the features in this app are super flexible and that’s the reason why many people use this app/mod.

These settings can be found in 

Menu>Fouad Settings>Privacy>Choose 

2) Themes: 

Themes that you want can be set using this mod. If you want the dark mode to save battery in Oled screens or just the light mode hurts your eyes a lot. The app allows customization of: 

  1. Background 
  2. Status Bar
  3. Navigation Bar 
  4. Universal action bar 
  5. Universal color 
  6. UI/UX 
  7. Notification Icon
  8. App icon 
  9. Font. 

It has a theme store that allows customization of anything on the app easily without any sort of trouble. You just have to select a theme which you like and then just hit and apply it and the app restarts itself and a voila it’s applied. 

3) Audio&Video calling: 

The main feature of this app is great the UI is for Audio and calling for FMWhatspp. It is neat and is easy for any normal person to use. You can even set who can call you and who cant. It’s a multifunction Mod that makes life really easy and is smooth for people who use it. 

4) Media and downloading support: 

Media and download management is just neat for this app. It doesn’t take time to load the preview as it is superfast at processing images. Media sending limit can be more than 100. Pictures don’t lose resolution as the limit has been set to 18MB so you can send your favourite DSLR photos without any issues. Video size sent can be more than 1GB so people with 4K footage of something can use it so send the .mp4  or .mov files. It can hide your private pictures from the photo gallery which you only see using FMWhatsApp. 

5) Varieties of Emojis: 

FMWhatsapp can be used to send emojis that are not present in the android keyboard or the whatsapp emoji board. They contain Emojis like the: 

  1. Andriod O 
  2. Facebook Emojis 
  3. Emoji One v3 
  4. Old and new stock 

This setting can be found in: 

Menu>Fouad Settings>Universal>Mods>Emoji Variant 

Some Other mods are: 

  1. It has app-wide DND mode so you can stop receiving notifications for some time.
  2. You can set a pin to keep the app locked from any prying eyes.
  3. Receive updates within the app without going to the website. 

Wrapping Up:

So these were some of the amazing features of FMWhatsApp Apk which are enough for the reason to download this application on your smartphone. You will be able to explore more features after using the application. 

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