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Mini Militia APK [v4.0.43 CTF] – Download the Latest Mod APP (2019)

The new version is out and the most of the users have already tried playing it. The original version is also available on Android play store. But to get something extra you need your friend to provide you here. So before we start I would like to first share all the details about the latest mod of mini militia. Here we also provide download mod for the latest version.

Whats New in Latest Version 4.0.43?

  • First of all start with basic, minor and major bug fixes, better server handling, crash fixes and much more.
  • Lookout over the HUD control, they added a movable combo button for  Dual Pickup.
  • More maps added in the game.
  • Guns, more guns. Yes! More guns added to the game.
  • CTF (Capture the Flag) is added to Offline LAN and Online Custom Play in v4.0.43.
  • Pro Pack for free: You can use your device resources to get pro pack for free.
  • Fixed crashing of game.
  • Flag de-spawn rate reduced.
  • Direct Download Link of Mini Militia CTF MOD Hack added.

Watch the video, this video show you the new guns available in the game and also some more new features. Must see the video. I hope you will enjoy the video.

Download Doodle Army 2 Latest Apk

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia APK 
mini militia icon
Latest Version: 4.0.43(CTF+)
File Size: 46 MB
Developers: Appsomanics LLC

The reason I provided you the download link before any guide and content is that you can test and try our yourself. If you are wishing too then only you can install and play. And if you like we provide you full details and then you will download it. Then look the full guide below.

Agree with the Permission

Don’t take it otherwise. Every time when you install apps from external source i.e. other than play store. It asks you to allow to download it from an external source and also it will ask you to accept the app permissions. These permission ask you to access your internet, mobile access to work the game. Accepting it can help you to get free pro pack in the game. Becuase it will use your phone resources in exchange they provide free pro pack.

Below are the list of permission which mini militia ask you to accept before installing.

  • Network Access: It asks you to give permission to your data access (network access). So that it allows the app to create network protocol for the game.
  • Location access: I don’t know why but it asks for the location access.It might be for the developing the game more secure.
  • Read Phone Data: If ask you to read your phone data like device id, phone numbers, and other information.
  • Camera Access: Providing camera access give the game ability to produce an inbuilt chatting system for mini militia users.
  • Phone Sleep: To make the game running in the background while playing it allow us to prevent the game from sleep. So that it provides us more accurate playing without any disturbance.
  • Modify the phone content: In this permission, it ensures the phone users that the game developer has access to modify your sd card files.

These are some of the important permission that game asks us to accept. There are few more but they are just basic not so important. So if you are from any army or defense then won’t install the game on your phone. LOL! But I am serious.

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Steps to Install the Game

If you know how to download and install the .exe file then this might be very easy for you. Becuase it is as simple as install .exe file from the internet. Below I am sharing the full step-by-step process to install the new game.

Also, after the installation process, I will guide you through the new game and overview of the game.

Follow now…

  1. Uninstall the old mini militia game, if you have already installed the game.
  2. Make sure you remove the junk files of the game and clear cache of the game from settings.
  3. Allow the phone to install an app from external sources. You will find this in settings.
  4. Navigate above and download the latest file. You could also try other mods and previous versions.
  5. Tap on the downloaded file.
  6. Give permission to the game.
  7. The installation will start and done.
  8. Enjoy playing it!.

This is the installation process. I hope till now you got everything. Okay! If yes then I am moving to the basic guide part about the new version of mini militia.

Whats New In Mini Militia CTF Mod? What is it?

So the exciting thing in CTF game is you have to protect your flag and catch the other users flags. This will be awesome if you play and learn. I hope I could explain you the whole through text. I will also attach the video gameplay to make you learn a bit more about it.

Suppose 3 users are playing the game or you can increase more and team up. Now if 3 users are playing it separately then you will have 3 different flags. You have to protect your flat and take other flags by killing them first or you either take the flag if you can.

This is the basic overview of the CTF version. You can learn a bit more about it by watching the full video. I am adding the video below. Watch it out and get learn more about the new version.

The above video it the overview of the game. How it looks and how it works. I am adding some more videos to clear out more things.

Before I share you the more video I would like to share How you can start playing the CTF game in your latest mini militia.

How to Start Capture the Flag game?

I already mentioned the steps to download the latest version of mini militia game. Now I am assuming you have downloaded the new version of the game. The CTF version. Now see below.

To start playing the Flag version. You need to…

For Online mode

  1. Open the game (remember only updated version have this feature)
  2. Now head over to the Multiplayer section.
  3. Navigate to the Custom option.
  4. Now you will be getting 3 options/flags “CTF India”, “CTF America”, “CTF India 2” similar like this. I get the same, I don’t know if the owner shows different value to different users.
  5. Click on join the server.
  6. And start playing the game.


Now Offline mode

  1. Open the game, yes new one.
  2. Now navigate to Multiplayer option
  3. Click on Deathmatch option.
  4. Prepare a local LAN connection first, select Lan wifi.
  5. Click on a host the game or you may join the game too if someone other has hosted the game.
  6. Configure the maps selection area and switch DM to CTF mode.
  7. Wait for the players to join.
  8. Done! Enjoy the game.

Hope I could have explained you in more better way. Buy if you find any problem then let us know in comments. Will try to clear all your problems at early.

The below video is to show you how to play this flag game. Also, it has a proper setting you must follow. Watch the video till the end.

Old Version Available

Guy if you don’t like this new version then you can again restore the old version of the game from the below link. Choose your desired version and download it. rest process is same. Also, if you would like to play other mods like health mod, unlimited everything mod or the dual gun mode, etc. then it is also available on our site.

Download v.4.0.36v4.0.11 | v4.0.7 | v3.0.417.

This the older version of the game. There are few more but I won’t suggest you go older than this, but if want the more earliest version then do comment below. I will provide you the older version of the game.

Time to Say the Last Thing

Update: We have added more new features in this mod. And soon more new Feature is Coming up: In that, you will see the top 10 scorers of the day.

I am working hard to provide you all the kinds of stuff by which you can enjoy mini militia game and our site too. If you like our work and the latest mini militia mod. Then please share the site with your friends. Will see you soon again with the new mods. Enjoy Mini Militia CTF MOD and share it with friends.

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