Best Word Games for Android

Well, it is necessary to take some time out from your busy schedule and enjoy spending it with playing some games. And what would be better than investing your time in a game which can benefit you and enhance your information? Yes, guys, I would advise you to go for some word games which can help you to gain some information. So, guys, I am here to help you out. I am here with the list of some of the best word games for android. So, guys here is the list of word games


Some Best Word Games for Android

#1.Bonza Word Puzzle

Well, my first choice as a word game for you guys is Bonza Word Puzzle game because it is one of my favorite word games for all. It is a blend of both the category of crosswords and puzzle. This game will provide you with a clue and a bunch of mixed-up letters. You have to connect all the puzzle pieces and form the words. Initially, you will get a puzzle pack as well as the starter pack for free. Well, of course, you would want to unlock some other packs as well. So, you can either buy them with in-app purchases or earn the coins and unlock them. Well, it will be going to be quite challenging as well as interesting for you all. So, I think, you all should go for this game. You can also checkout scrabble word finder for best word games for android.

#2.Jumble 2

Well, if you are searching for a word searching game, Jumble 2 would be the best option. It is the word search game with a colorful theme, which makes it more exciting for the players. In this game, you will be provided with the set of seven letters which you have to mix all together and find a word which is formed from the given set of letters. Well, you might be thinking what is so new and interesting about this game. So, let me apprise you guys, there is a bit twist in it. Move the squares manually to form the words and to add it to your collection, tap them, and add them. But remember guys, you will get American spellings to form the words. And if you want to recommend something to the app like you want to remove a word or anything, you can recommend them with the in-app feedback form.


Typeshift is my another choice for you guys as one of the best word games for Android. Well, I find it quite exciting and a game which is full of fun. The app will provide you with different rows of letters, and you have to shift the row in up and down motion to create a word. The game will keep on continuing its process until you will light up every tile. Well, of course, you will find the puzzle much easier at the initial level, but it will gradually become complex and quite tricky as you will move forward and clear the levels. Though UI will not let you down and win the game, the task may not be simple for you guys. You need to watch some adds to get some hints.


You will get gauze of letters, and you have to find the words in this word game. The letters are formed in a way where each letter is connected with its next letter and the previous letter. Well, what makes it more interesting and easy for the players, each letter supports a different color so, and you will always remember where you were before. And you will be able to conclude the game as soon as you will find all the words. So, these features make this game an exciting one. Well, there are some other features also like support for multiple languages, several difficulty levels, two game modes, and one online dictionary.


When you will open the game, you will get mixed letters on the bottom of the screen, and at the top, you will find a crossword-style layout. To fill up the crossword section, the game requires to swipe the given letters to form the words,. Your goal is not to find a single word, rather you have to find all the words that fit. The game is all about simple mechanics, a couple of different game modes, and 50,000 puzzles.

#6.Word Search by Melimots

Well, guys, all the games are quite tricky and twisty. So, let me now introduce you to a basic and a simple word game. Word Search by Melimots is my last choice, which is easy as well as an interesting game for the players. Each letter in this game is highlighted with its color, and you also have the option to customize the font size according to your convenience. So, if you want quite a bigger letter, you can customize it accordingly, and if you want a smaller size, you can set its font-size small. The game will keep the record of all your scores. So if you want to see the record of your highest scores later, you can see it and get motivated.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are some of Best Word Games for Android. I hope you guys liked them. Well, no doubt, all the games are very interesting. So, you can switch any of them. Thank You.

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